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What we do ?


Advocacy & Human Rights

(a) Workshop and training on domestic violence and human rights

(b) Workshop on immigration issues

(c) Access of Social Service Resources provided by governmental and non-governmental organizations

(d) Support of survivors of domestic violence, sexual abuse and human trafficking

(e) Provide referral services to different governmental and social organizations

(f) Provide linguistic and cultural sensitive program

(g) Work with other organizations to build effective coalition


Counseling & Legal Help

(a) Individual and family counseling for domestic violence victims and their family

(b) Legal advice and help for domestic violence victims and on immigration issues



Education, Language & Interpretation

(a) Literacy classes: i.e. English language classes

(b) Language Classes: i. E. English and native language classes



Community Outreach & Awareness

(a) Adult and Family support: Senior citizen care, self-care, sharing resources, livelihood training, literacy

(b) Life skill programs: i.e. nutrition, cooking, health, sports, yoga, meditation



Children & Youth Recreational Classes

a) Afterschool Programs: i.e. math, reading, writing, native language classes (i.e. Nepali, Hindi, Spanish, Arabic)

(b) School Vacation Programs: sports, volunteer/internship

(c) Summer Vacation Programs: camps, sports, volunteer/internship

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