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Indian American community fundraised for Nepal's earthquake victims

भारतीय अमेरिकनद्वारा नेपालका भूकम्प पीड़ितहरूलाई सहयोग

Exclusive: New jersey: Helping Nepal by Indian American community in New Jersey stood at $51,351. Manavata Inc., Shradha Foundation of Col. (Retd. Indian Army) Virendra Tavathia and Atma Singh & International Organizations hosted 'Help & Heal Nepal' at Deewan Banquet Restaurant, 560 Stelton Road, Piscataway, NJ 08854. The donation from this event went to Nepal Mission (Nepal Gov.), Adhikaar and Women for Cause (WFC). They will use it for Nepal's earthquake disaster relief efforts. Donation collected from event was $17,172. This donation was matched by Jatinder Singh Bakshi, Jeet Singh Bedi of Asa Diwar, NJ, $17,172 and Omkar Singh of S & S Brokerage, NJ, $17,172. Total donation collected $51,351.00.

From Nepali community Nepal Mission's Deputy Consul Prabin Bhattarai, Women for Cause (WFC) President Dr. Bishnu Maya Pariyar, Adhikaar Executive Director Luna Ranjit, WFC VP Renu Sharma Sapkota, youth activist Anupama Sapkota had spoken at the event. Adhikaar's Narbada Chhetri presented prayer bhajan. At the event, many Indian American leaders had spoken including prominent Indian poet and politician Dr. Kumar Vishwas.

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